Chia Breakfast Pudding

Do you want to fill yourself up in the morning with goodness? Feel satisfied, nourished and ready for an awesome day with this sweet protein pot from Peru!

Raw Thai Noodles

A delicious, substantial dish that is totally raw – made only from plant based ingredients. Move aside pasta – there’s a new kid in town.

Almond strawberry smoothie bowl

MMM. Fancy a beautiful raw breakfast? This is a winner. Creamy, decadent and fulfilling. Make the effort to start your day with good food and your body will thank you.

Cacao Elixir

Pow pow cacao! This beautiful shot of raw chocolate is a heart warmer. It is more so drank during cacao ceremonies. Here’s the recipe so you can host your own.

Dairy Free Nice Cream!

Perfect to cool your body on a hot day, after a work out or purely because you love ice cream. These recipes are free from dairy, refined sugar or anything else that may go against your vitality. Use food as your ally and you’ll be ready for anything.

Amazing Banana and Pea Ice Cream

This raw recipe will blow your socks off. It’s such a treat food, without the guilt. Healthy, creamy and satisfying. Perfect for a hot summers day, in your bikini!

Oh My Kimchi

From reducing inflammation to helping banish depression, fermented foods can be SO good for you…and super easy to make yourself. Try this once and you won’t look back.

Pure Raw Breakfast Smoothie

A blissful breakfast treat which will leave you licking the glass! Tasty, sweet and (surprisingly) contains your morning dose of green veg too.

Raw Chocolate Workshop in Manchester!

Another successful, beautiful workshop – showing and sharing with others, the delights of raw chocolate. What makes raw chocolate so special? Read on.

Natural Sports Drink

Is there an easy, affordable way of hydrating your body and replacing vital nutrients naturally? Yes of course. Who knew this humble salad vegetable was so sporty!

Sweet Beet Dip

Fancy a change from hummus? This little dipper will knock your socks off. It’s healthy, tasty and made from scratch. Know what you’re putting into your body and it’ll thank you time and time again.