3 excellent weight loss tips…

Here are my easy peasy weight loss tips which don’t mean you have to starve yourself. Diet’s don’t work. They may make you feel OK for a while but then obsession is likely… Continue reading

3 Key Ingredients for Brain Power

I’m massively into the benefit of good fat to boost mood, mind clarity, intelligence and help curb cravings. According to Patrick Holford, we should be eating at least a tablespoon of both seeds… Continue reading

Oven Baked Mushrooms

I had my beautiful friend Kate over for tea a few days ago. This starter was a last minute decision but worked really well. Savoury and flavoursome. I think the ground almonds and… Continue reading

Want to feel well in 2015?

This is it! The one simple addition to your day which will help to boost your immune system and make you more conscious with other food choices (for me I don’t crave so… Continue reading

Ginger sHOT

This will perk you up quicker than an espresso – and give you some serious nutrition. Ginger is well known for its digestive aid and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also recommended for helping to strengthen your… Continue reading

2014 MIH Roundup!

2014 has been a year full of change. I moved my whole life to Manchester. Considering my usual ‘you can do anything’ attitude, it was far more challenging than I thought. I am… Continue reading

Raw Chocolate Brazil Nuts

A festive fancy for you! This recipe is accompanied by a special Make It Healthy TV episode which shows you exactly what to do. Please watch, enjoy and subscribe! Here we go…to make 24 Raw… Continue reading

Christmas superfood mince pies (that can be eaten raw or baked!)

A healthy mince pie which can be eaten raw or cooked!

Anytime Coconut and Raspberry Tray Bake

A healthy cake, anytime of day.

Rainbow Spiralled ‘Spaghetti’

Get yourself a spiraliser! It is a phenomenal piece of kit and will transform a carrot, courgette and apple… To this…. …In a matter of moments. Then you add a little dressing and chomp… Continue reading