3 excellent weight loss tips…

Would you like some easy peasy weight loss tips which don’t require starving yourself?

Want to feel well in 2015?

Click here to try this simple addition to your day and make it awesome. Naturally.

Raw Thai Noodles

   It’s my Spring raw food workshop on Monday and to get the juices flowing, I created this beauty for lunch. This recipe is inspired by my lovely friend Hannah Cowshill – a… Continue reading

Explore raw food for yourself!

What is raw food? Why is raw food good for you? What are the benefits of the plant based diet? How do I make raw food that tastes delicious?
Come to the Make It Healthy Raw Food Workshop to discover for yourself! Find out more by watching this video.

Raw Food: Sweet and Sour Sauce 

Fancy a chinese style sauce without the fast food hangover? This is a raw food sauce which can be used as a sweet spicy sauce for rice dishes…or as mango chutney!

Raw Food: Smoky Squash Salad (with creamy mushrooms)

Hungry and in need of a healthy feed? This will satisfy you and your tastebuds. It’s smoking hot!

Spelty Pancakes

Happy pancake day! Spelt flour is extremely low in gluten and high in fibre. Mix it with ground almonds, eggs and Oatly milk (Oat milk) for a divinely fulfilling treat. I’m already thinking… Continue reading

Simple Sweet Potato Soup

Try this heart filled recipe today and find comfort in food whilst making it healthy. Nurturing, nourishing and dead easy to make!

Clean Green Protein Smoothie

Having enough protein is essential for your body to work properly. Here is a nifty shake to up your good protein levels – with added benefits.

3 Key Ingredients for Brain Power

Use good fat to boost mood, mind clarity, intelligence and help curb cravings with these very simple recipes.

Oven Baked Mushrooms

I had my beautiful friend Kate over for tea a few days ago. This starter was a last minute decision but worked really well. Savoury and flavoursome. I think the ground almonds and… Continue reading