Celeriac Chips – Chip Shop Style

Turn an ugly duckling of a vegetable into something so tasty you’ll be having them for tea overnight. Serve with a main meal, as a healthy chip butty or a snack with your favourite condiment. Just try them!

Spelt Flour Bread

We all love the texture of bread, cakes and cookies don’t we? If you’re looking for a more nutritious, easy digesting alternative to wheat, check this out and ready, steady…BAKE.

Easy ways to feel better

You are what you eat. It really is that simple… Hydrate Water is essential to our existence. It is important for every process in our body. Most of us don’t drink enough, which… Continue reading

How to eat healthy when you don’t like healthy food.

When carrots aren’t your thing and broccoli makes you want to run a mile. What do you do?

Healthy tea break bargains

Raw and ready to be devoured. Find out where to get the most affordable treats in town.

Fabulous fibre

Why is it so important to eat fibre? Read on to find out.

Peanut banana bites

Potassium and protein combined in a bite sized portion. The easiest snack to make in the world!

Make It Healthy Cacao Mint Balls

Chewy, mint chocolate. Simple healthy ingredients all mixed into a delish and satisfying ‘treat’. Make these today!

Top 5 tips for flexibility

If you find it difficult to bound out of bed in the morning, being a bit more flexi may help. Here are some tips to get you started.

Winning breakfasts for Olympians

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when training for the Olympics. So, what do the worlds finest athletes eat to give them a great start?

Learn how to ‘raw bake’ with me at the Bakewell Baking Festival.

The Bakewell Baking Festival is a fabulous weekend for foodies to get inspired and try an array of baking delights. I’ll be there this year with my food processor showing you how to bake without an oven!