The beginning

Food. Emotions. Relationships. Environment.  So many external things effect my life and the way I feel. And it’s about time I started writing about it. There are two main reasons – firstly for me as I am forever thinking about ways of releasing the thoughts I have on a daily…no hourly basis. And secondly as I know that we are all the same. And by journalling my story, I’m more than likely touching the heart of another. Because, I now know that we are all the same. It’s just that at different points of our lives, or days, we have different feelings and things going on which make us feel more or less like someone else.

My vision for this blog is mainly to do with food and wellbeing – the two things I firmly believe are the basis for maintaining harmony within my life. We all have different personalities so I can’t speak for anyone else but I reckon we all want to be our best self. The best we can be. And actually it’s incredibly simple. Because we are all born perfect. It’s only those external things – like some that I mention above – which cloud our true self. Layer upon layer. In yoga, they say 90% of yoga therapy is elimination. And I get it! If you were born perfect, the only things that make you feel imperfect are those things that enter your body and either are toxic to begin with or overstay their welcome and turn toxic from within. Whether it’s toxins from foods, the air that we breathe, emotions. On a physical level the only way we release toxins is through our lungs, digestive system or skin (glands). On an emotional level, you have learn to release the toxins from trauma, conditioning and your past. Wow this is deep! And probably too word heavy for everyone to understand. And that’s ok. As this is just the start of my very busy blog.

As a yoga teacher, the first tip I would suggest for anyone wanting to enhance their health is check your BREATHING. Do you exhale enough? A lot of the time we breathe in and forget to fully exhale. This is SO important as carbon dioxide needs to be released to enable more oxygen to fill your lungs.

So here’s the vision – lots of recipes, input from others, diary entries, yoga talk…so much. I’ve just bought a mic and a tripod so I can do videos from my kitchen showing delightful, nourishing food for the soul. I’m getting together with friends to come up with ways of forming a community of like minded people. And there are so many. Feel free to chip in.

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