Green Juice Detox: My Experience

Green Juice Rocks (but it also can be a rocky thought)!

All my life I’ve LOVED breakfast. I’d wake up and the first thing I’d do is have a huge bowl of porridge (or going back further, a mixture of sugary cereal). I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to have a watery, green juice to start their day. It almost filled me with fear! And it has taken me a long time to fall in love with my breakfast drink of cucumber, celery, bean sprouts, mint, lemon and ginger – freshly juiced and organic of course! But now I feel SO much more alive and empowered when I wake up, knowing that I can choose what I put through my system first thing in the morning. Green juice is full of live enzymes which provide you with the nutrients from the stuff you’ve just squeezed – your body doesn’t have to do anything – just receive it’s power and love. It sounds crazy but it’s a proven fact that these ingredients will cleanse your system and bring your body back to a state of harmony – physically and mentally. Most of us in this modern age are lacking in certain nutrients (and dehydrated), which has a direct effect to how we FEEL. Processed food can’t give us naturally what we need and it actually can have the complete opposite effect. I now know it’s up to me to take responsibility for my body and mind. No one else will do that for me.

I have a green juice and lots of water first thing, then wait 1- 2 hours and then have a lovely bowl of porridge…but I am experimenting with other delicious carby goodness too like raw almond muesli and avocado, banana and cacao. My oh my we are so lucky to have choice in this world.

On a reflective note, I feel we all have to go through our own journey with food. It’s not about seeing what someone else is doing and trying to follow them. It’s about taking your time and exploring your own food journey with the intention that you want to become your best self. And that takes practise. Crikey, it’s taken me 32 years and I’m still work in progress. I like it that way 🙂

NB: The quote in the photo is from Louise Hay’s calendar and it reads “My home fulfills all my needs and desires. I infuse my living space with the vibration of love”.

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