36 Hour Juice Detox: Heaven or Hell?

36 Hour Juice Detox: Heaven or Hell?

“Transformation does require you to be willing to move past what’s comfortable”

…and boy, a 36 hour juice detox was going to be uncomfortable for me. Or so I thought. As part of my 6 week natural nutrition programme, it was our homework this week.

On Day 1, you have your last meal by 5pm. Then only water and lemon until the next day. On Day 2, you’re allowed 2 green juices in the morning (no fruit – just cucumber, celery, greens, citrus, ginger etc) and a melon juice after 3pm. Plus copious amounts of water and lemon.
On Day 3, you start with a green juice then a light raw breakfast – and then you’re done.

I wrote a journal throughout the process…here are a few exerts;


“I started out with lots of enthusiasm this morning, even though I slept terribly. I love waking up in the morning knowing I can fill my belly with something comforting, stodgy and satisfying. It’s always a healthy choice but still gives me a satiated feeling of wholeness. Not eating makes me feel empty and low usually. It gives me a headache and low energy. I think this is the reason I am nervous about the next 24 hours – because it may open a whole can of worms, taking me to a place of discomfort and even torture. And no one wants that do they? We are so used to avoiding suffering by skirting around the edges or fueling ourselves with external pleasures to distract ourselves from what could be our worst nightmare. So here it goes. I have to face this head on and just observe what happens. I hope this will make my workshops more authentic and give them more gravitas. Like with the yoga, you have to go through the process yourself – practise what you preach – put yourself first – deal and heal yourself first – be the change you want to see”.

“The morning actually went really well! It’s amazing how much time is saved by not grazing on food. The hunger was there but voiceover work came in so that kept me buoyant and I had random bursts of appreciation and gratitude of everything in my life! The mint in my green juice was so present in my system – I felt really fresh inside – like I had a huge packet of polo mints in my belly. That was wonderful.

…feeling slightly less enthusiastic about it now. Hungry. All I can do is lie here – on the grass in the park. I think I just slept actually. Sat up and there’s a group of girls eating a picnic in front of me. Great.”

“Just juiced my water melon and added some ginger too. Wow – that’s powerful! Feeling full after a glass (and a half) but less heady.”


“I did it! Went a full 36 hours (38 actually) just using the advice I was given. Feeling so tired today but hey, I’m sure it’ll wear off”.

I have to say yesterday after the whole ordeal (and actually it was a challenging process for me) I do feel lighter and cleansed. It took my body a day to get over it and I didn’t really know what to eat afterwards. I think it’s because you become so conscious about what you’re putting in to your system. The weakness I felt was probably due to the release of toxins. I went to Bikram Yoga this morning to sweat the final blighters out through the body’s largest organ…the skin! As I’ve said before 90% of yoga therapy is elimination…releasing stuff that doesn’t serve you. I think a juice detox is a pretty fundamental part of the process too. Recommended for sure – but do it as part of a group so you know that others are doing it on the same day as you. Then you can chat about your experiences afterwards…or during it if you need some moral support…

OMG – just finishing off this blog post after yoga and popping into Topshop to get a present for someone. Got chatting to the lovely girl at the till. She’s currently doing Ramadan and fasting for 30 days. You can eat at sunrise and sunset. So herself and her family get up at 3.30am to eat (cereals, eggs etc) and then they eat before bedtime. But between that period they don’t eat OR DRINK anything. Not even water. Makes my detox sound poxy! But the reason they fast is to understand what it’s like for those who are starving in the world. That’s the whole reason. My goodness, how honourable is that? And she was the most smily, happiest girl. Maybe not at 3.30am in the morning but who would be?! To me, it’s another example of how food consciousness can create change and compassion for ourselves and others.

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