The Green Goddess

Hey there beautiful! Just wanted to share some green, juicy recipes (and the reasons why they are SO amazing for your body and mind). But first – I’d like to share with you what literally just happened to me in Starbucks.

I came here to write a health food recipe proposal for a TV idea I have at the moment and a man came over, offered me a drink and asked me what I was doing! So I told him. We got on to the subject of medjool dates (as they are a super healthy natural treat) and he presented me with an unopened box of them he’d just bought. Told me to take a handful. They are so delish and are from a sustainable farm in Palestine. He seemed fascinated with my ideas about nutrition. It turns out he’s a police man at the Met and often is in need of help with food choices during night shifts etc. So we exchanged cards, he gave me a few more dates and then he was on his way. I took a photo to show you. Ironically, one of my recipes on the proposal is for raw chocolate dates. Haha. I’ve never had such a serendipitous meeting in my life! Just shows what happens when you’re ‘in flow’. Take a look at the pic here;


Anyway – back to the GREEN juice. Here you go. Mwah.


Green Juices – create a feeling of grounding, calmness and wellness all day long.

ALWAYS start your day with lots of water and a green juice. At first you’ll probably want to add something like green apple or pear to sweeten it. However, your body loves to be cleansed and in order to do this you need to ALKALISE your system. Fruit (apart from lemon and limes) is acidic and although it is still nutritionally brilliant, by adding it to juice it’ll not be as cleansing first thing.

Trust me. This works. Guaranteed.

Good Morning Green Juice.

Cucumber (half)
Celery (2-3 sticks)
Bean sprouts (handful)
Mint (lots)
Lime (half) or Lemon (quarter)
Ginger (thumb)

Stick with it for a week. Make it your ritual and take time to enjoy it. Watch me making it here;


Other great green juices (if you’re just starting out on your juicing path).

Apple (1 large or 2 small)
Cucumber (half)
Celery (1-2 sticks)
Lime (third)
Mint (as much as you wish)

Apple (1 large or 2 small)
Cucumber (third)
Fennel (third of a bulb)
Lemon (quarter)

Basil (optional)

The great thing about making your own is that you can play with the quantities – add more of something if you wish (just always go easy on the ginger – it’s hot!).

Add half a tsp of spirullina/chlorella powder if you’re into these superfoods (they are plant proteins which are super alkalising). Again, go easy on them as they smell fishy and your juice should be enjoyable.

If you don’t have a juicer – whack it all in the blender instead and strain it through a sieve. I highly recommend investing in a decent juicer though (a masticating one) as it breaks down all the cells in the fruit/veg and gives you 100% nutrition. Also, by juicing fruit/veg the nutrients go straight into your cells without your body having to work on breaking it all down. Hence you have more energy for other things your body has to deal with and it’ll give yourself a lift instantly.

Finally, try and get organic fruits and veg. They are by far superior. The idea is to eliminate toxins. Unfortunately mass production requires pesticides etc which are toxic. Treat yourself and don’t ever feel guilty about it.

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