This is your trolley dolly yoga teacher calling!

This is your trolley dolly yoga teacher calling!

Are you aware of your habits when it comes to holding your bag, babies and belongings?

Whenever you can, lighten the load and take the weight off of your shoulders and spine. My simple technique now is when I go supermarket shopping I’ll ALWAYS use a trolley – even when I’m only popping in for a couple of bits. Because, let’s face it – you always come out with more than you intended. And holding a basket means that your body takes the strain. There is no need when trolleys are at hand!

I spoke to my lovely friend Sara this morning who had to take a day off to see the doctor after getting repetitive strain injury on her shoulder from constantly pushing a heavy door at work – ironically she works in a hospital. The pain was so bad it gave her migraines and nausea. Be aware of the things you do on a daily basis – driving, sitting, holding your bag on the same shoulder, even standing with your hand on your hip. Flip it round – it feels weird at first but alternate the load on the other side of your body. And if possible, do a backbend by pushing your hips forward and dropping your head back for a couple of seconds throughout the day. Anyone can do this. It energises you too as well as counteracting all the forward bends we do in life – putting your spine back to neutral.

And use a trolley! Even if you’re just buying a magazine. God knows ladies – your handbag weighs a tonne before you start shopping anyway.

PS: Thank you to the trolley man at Sainsbury’s who thought I was a fruit loop for wanting a photo with a trolley! Ha. Asking him was my ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ moment of the day.

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