Simple Detox Plan for only 2 weeks!

This is your free invite to join the wellness revolution. And the best bit is, you can be anywhere in the world!

Click here for all you need to get started: Two Week Transformation

The Two Week Transformation is a two week plan I have come up with from all the nutritional teachings I’ve had over the years. I wanted to make the plan really simple and not too overwhelming. With the Two Week Transformation, you don’t actually change anything in your diet, exercise or life – you just add to it. The first week is all about drinking more water and is called the Hydration Meditation.

Water is the key to feeling more energised, less hungry and generally healthier. Green juice helps to keep your insides clean, your digestive system happy and your body functioning well. Not only do I know this from personal experience but these two statements are also scientifically proven. Go online – read books – there is an abundance of research and articles that all say the same thing. If there are just two things that can make a positive difference to your wellbeing, I’d say water and green juice are top of the list.

The second week of The Two Week Transformation is called ‘Good Morning Green Juice’ and requires you to start your day with exactly that! A Green Juice. Simple. Have a read of the document as it is all written down. And sign the contract! Make a pact with yourself. This is no one else’s business apart from yours.

Let the transformation begin!

Get your morning medicine with a GREEN JUICE!
Get your morning medicine with a GREEN JUICE!

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