Kiddies Raw Recipes

Children friendly recipes – Banana Ice Cream, Melon Head Smoothie and a Green Dream!

Kids can be fussy little monkeys when it comes to food. I know this from having 3 younger brothers (all under the age of 7). I love them to pieces and want them to have the most nourishing food that will help them grow big and strong – and keep them happy. However, they can be really challenging at meal times and won’t touch anything without a squirt of ketchup. They LOVE chocolate and would have it for breakfast, dinner and tea.

Children totally rely on us for their food. They eat what we give them. Enough said.

Here are some AMAZINGLY tasty and nourishing ideas that you can knock up in seconds and are pretty much guaranteed to keep you and the kids happy. Peel and chop your fruit and keep it in the freezer if you are worried about it going to waste. I often buy a massive bag of reduced price bananas, peel them and freeze them. Ripe bananas are healthier than under ripe ones too!

Oh – and you definitely won’t feel guilty finishing off these left overs.

The Green Dream – see video!

Melon Head

Half melon (skin and seeds removed)
6 cubes/slice mango
240ml coconut water – you can buy Vitacoco from Tesco or Sainsbury’s these days!
Ice (or if you have time, freeze the melon and mango before hand and you won’t need ice and the rest of the fruit can be kept for next time).

SERVES 2 adults or 3 kids …

Main Nutritional Info: Potassium (coconut water), sodium (melon), H2O, fibre.

The science: Potassium and sodium are electrolytes essential for hydration. Melon has a high water concentrate (around 90%) which is great for transferring nutrients into cells and flushing out toxins. Fibre keeps the bowel regular.

Banana Ice cream

1 frozen banana
Splash of milk (I’d use rice milk as it’s naturally sweet)

Blitz in a powerful blender (or add more milk if your blender struggles with the frozen bananas). I would 100% recommend investing in a Vitamix for your family. You’d use it everyday.

NB: This is my particular favourite. I have it for breakfast all the time. If you make it slightly more milky, sprinkle some porridge oats over the top (not Ready Brek!) and it is really filling and TOTES amaze. I can’t rave about this one enough. My little nephew Tommy asked for more when he tried it.

The science: Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and selenium which help with cell rejuventation. The natural sugar in banana is a great source of energy.

I dedicate this post to my sister Claire – blitz away!

Banana Icecream
Banana Icecream

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