Deep Breathing Exercise

Breathing - Make It Your Priority

Without the delivery of oxygen to our cells and the release of carbon dioxide, we would not live. The better you breathe, the clearer your mind and the calmer your body.

If you feel anxious or overwhelmed – take stock of how you’re breathing. It is so true that by focusing on your breath, you can calm your nervous system down, allowing more oxygen to be drawn in (nourishing) and the release of carbon dioxide (eliminating toxic waste).

I created a video of a simple breathing exercise called Pranayama Breathing (deep breathing). It’s a technique we use in yoga. If you can do 10 reps of this in the morning or when you want to reinvigorate yourself (also great before exercise), it’ll blow your mind! Literally.

The photos are from a demonstration of pranayama breathing that my gorgeous friend Liz helped me with. She is a fellow Bikram Yoga teacher and we were on stage at a retreat. About 50 people watched on…and then joined in!


Pranayama Breathing: Deep Breathing.
Pranayama Breathing: Deep Breathing.

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