Good Morning Green Juice

The Two Week Transformation is in its second week. The people who are testing it out seemed to have benefitted from week one and adding more water to their day. Generally people are less hungry and ironically more thirsty! Week two is all about adding a green juice in the morning.

Just a little comment on why Green Juice is so powerful…

Green veggies are packed full of wonderful nutrition – the green colour comes from chlorophyll, which is how plants make oxygen for us to breathe. Cucumber is full of the stuff! It is also high in silica which is good for tissue regeneration. Not only does celery look like bones – it’s also very good for yours! It is also super hydrating as it contains a natural source of sodium and is high in water – it easily gets transferred into your cells. It has been proven to help lower blood pressure. Herbs are anti inflammatory – so too is ginger. I’ve also used garlic sometimes, which is super healing and great for the heart and..ahem…impotence. Broccoli and kale are a fabulous source of calcium.

Lime and lemon are the only ‘fruit’ I’d advise if you’re making a green juice in the morning to cleanse your system and to curb hunger pangs. Although it is citrus fruit, when it is digested, it leaves an alkalised ash residue in the blood stream, helping to neutralise the acidity that comes from eating processed food.

Basically, the green juice should be as non-acidic as possible. Fruit, although very nutritious, is mostly acidic and high in sugar – two things that will probably aggravate your system. In my opinion – green foods will leave a calming, wholesome feeling in your belly and are highly recommended first thing.

Why juice and not a green smoothie? By juicing all your veggies, the lovely green liquid transfers itself straight into your cells – there’s no work that needs to be done by your body to break down the food. Kind of like a blood transfusion. Therefore you save energy for other things. Fibre of course is great but perhaps leave it until later.

I’d allow at least half an hour to let the juice do its work before eating anything else. Stretch it to 2 hours and you’re laughing. I can’t recommend green juice highly enough. If I could pick out one thing this year that has physically changed my life for the better it would hands down be a green juice in the morning. Simple πŸ™‚

For my suggested recipe click here


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