Fab Fermented Foods

Oral pleasures!

Apple cider vinegar and sauerkraut. They sound like the kind of things you’d get in the bottom of a Christmas hamper you won at charity raffle. And a seriously unimpressive Christmas hamper at that.

Actually, these two condiments are transformational. So listen up.

Both are ‘fermented foods’. They are full of friendly bacteria for your gut, which will in turn strengthen your immune system. They are also rich in nutrients – natural minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is EASY to add to your healthy diet. 2 teaspoons in water first thing in the morning. And before meals, to aid weight loss (it apparently helps to stabilise blood sugar) and digestion (great for easing indigestion and reflux).

Sauerkraut is fantastic for digestion due to it being full of lactobacillus bacteria (friendly bacteria) – it has more than live yoghurt. I have been using these products for a few weeks now regularly and my belly is feeling so comforted after meals. I’m trying to strengthen my immune system before I disappear to Peru for a month over Christmas. The last thing I want is to get sick half way up Machu Picchu with nothing but a llama to squat behind if I get the ‘you knows’.

As always, make sure you buy good brands of both ACV and sauerkraut. Check out the photo for details of what I use. Both are very affordable. I bought my ACV and sauerkraut from The Wholefood Coop in Leicester. The ACV has to contain the ‘mother’ which is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast – basically two organisms living in harmony with one another. The sauerkraut isn’t from the supermarket. It shouldn’t taste over salty and strongly acidic like the one you can buy on the condiment shelf. True sauerkraut should be mild, mellow and soft. It’s actually delicious and I eat it with salads, mezzes and on its own (usually out of the jar with a fork whilst gazing into the fridge wondering what I’d like for tea).

Having an ACV shot first thing is actually a great quick substitute to a green juice first thing, if you’re struggling to make it everyday. However green juice is always the absolute winner – and there’s no harm in having both.

Other noted health benefits for ACV are…clearer skin (good for acne), extra energy, eases cramps and aches after sport (decreases lactic acid and toxic waste build up), it helps to unblock sinuses, irradicate sore throats and colds, GREAT for ingestion, stomach upsets and hiccups. Find out more here.

So guess what my family are getting for Christmas then?!

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