Very Healthy Carrot Cake

Very Healthy Carrot Cake

YUM YUM AWESOME. Have fun creating this divine healthy carrot cake! I’ve worked hard on this recipe to make it light enough to have any time of day (yep – even breakfast).

It only has raw, natural, healthy ingredients – there’s no need to bake, it’s so simple and definitely hits the spot.

First. Pour yourself a big glass of fresh water and make sure you drink it whilst making the cake (that’s just my tip for keeping yourself present in the cake-making moment and giving yourself a lil’ energy boost).

*You will need a food processor/blender.
*You will need to soak the cashews overnight or for at least 6 hours in water, then drain.
*Take a look at my ‘cup’ in the photos. As long as you keep the cup you use consistent throughout the recipe, it doesn’t matter that it’s not a proper, definitive, American measurement. Just a tea cup should do it.


1 *cup of walnuts (I soak mine over night to make them more digestible and nutritious)
1 cup of pitted dates
Half cup of desiccated coconut
Heaped tsp cinnamon
Half tsp ground nutmeg
2.5 cups of grated carrot
Pinch of himalayan or good quality sea salt


Line a cake tin with baking paper. If you have a loose base/easy release tin, there’s no need to line it. Or you can make little cake balls.


APART from the carrots – add all of the ingredients into a food processor and blitz until blended together. Keep it slightly chunky if you like texture.

IMG_1788  IMG_1789

Then add carrots until all blended nicely (check out the picture).

IMG_1793 IMG_1794

Place in the tin, patting down until level (use fingers!). Or roll in to balls if you’re having a lazy day. Pop in freezer whilst you make…


1 cup of soaked cashews (drained)
1/4 cup of fresh water
1-2 tbsp honey, agave nectar or (my absolute favourite) coconut nectar.
1tsp good quality vanilla essence (or 10 drops vanilla oil)
Juice of half a lemon
Pinch of Himalayan or good quality sea salt
2 tbsp of melted coconut oil


BLITZ the cashews with the water until smooth. Add all the other ingredients and blend until smooth.


Add more sweetener if you need to but I find 1 tbsp coconut nectar is perfect for my palette.

Spoon the icing on to the top of carrot cake mixture and level out. Decorate with walnuts.

Place in freezer for 2 hours.

Remove from freezer. Lift cake out of tin and cut into 1-2inch slices with a hot knife. Place in container and keep in freezer until ready to serve.

*Cutting calories? Omit the coconut oil in the icing – however it’ll have more of a cream consistency so may not set as well as shown in the photo.

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