Muesli Delight

Healthy Muesli

EVERYONE should give this recipe a go. It’s so creamy but doesn’t contain any milk what so ever. It’s great if you’re lactose intolerant or you want to give your body a rest from dairy. I’d seriously try this out everyday for a week and I reckon you’ll be pretty impressed with how happy your digestive system feels afterwards. Yet another brilliantly simple recipe which will leave you smiling.

1 cup of porridge oats (jumbo or rolled)
Handful of raisins or 2-3 dates (go for organic)
1 dried fig or 3-4 apricots (treat yourself to unsulphured apricots – they taste like treacle)
Fresh cold water

Chop the dried fruit. Add the oats and dried fruit into a nice breakfast bowl. Mix together. Add cold, clean water until the oats are covered under an inch of the water. It may look like too much water but the oats swell big time. Congratulations – you’ve just made oat milk!

Leave in fridge until morning.

When ready to eat – add a pinch of fresh grated ginger, stir in. EAT!

If you want to mix it up a bit here are other things to add to the mix before adding water…

1 tsp of chia seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, raw cacao powder, carob powder, seeds, nuts (give them a wash first). Basically add any natural food that takes your fancy.

Try the simple recipe to begin with though as it is just divine.

photo 3-1


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