Broccoli Bonanza

Broccoli Bonanza

Grab yourself an organic broccoli, blitz with a few simple, natural flavour enhancers and you get an AMAZING salad. It’s full of green goodness – broccoli is a fabulous veggie – high in cancer fighting properties and calcium.

Recipe (serves 4 as a side salad)

1 organic broccoli (chopped – keep some of the stalk in tact)
1/8 peeled lemon
slice of fresh ginger
half clove garlic
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1/2 tsp himalayan salt (maybe a bit less if you’re watching your blood pressure)
1 avocado

Apart from the avocado, pop all the ingredients into a food processor and blend until the broccoli is finely chopped. Then add the avocado and blend into the consistency shown on the photo – kind of like chunky rice. You can also add a whole red or orange bell pepper at the same time as the avocado but this is optional.

broccoli and sunflower saladServe on cabbage or gem lettuce leaves. Or wrap in a nori (seaweed) sheet. I ate mine with soaked buckwheat groats. Maybe try it with oat cakes though for a semi-raw lunch?! You make the rules.

Green. Clean. Cooling.

NB: I got the most beautiful tasting organic broccoli from Rode Hall Farmers Market in Cheshire. It was sweet. I can’t recommend buying organic highly enough.

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