TV’s Clare Nasir joins MIH

Make It Healthy shoot

My Journey into Healthy Eating by Clare Nasir

My well publicized weight loss and fitness DVD back in 2009 was a real milestone for me – but it was a tough assignment and not one I would want to repeat. Since this time I have embarked on my own journey into the strange and sometimes warped world of weight loss, to separate the wheat from the chaff. I realized early on that eating is so much more that just about keeping the weight off.


I have been compiling my own personal manual that works for me.

Here are my criteria

No restrictive diets
No omission of food groups
Every meal must be nutritious, delicious and leave me satisfied.
No calorie counting
Food must vitalize my body, skin and mind and bring a heightened sense of wellbeing and happiness.

This list may seem like no mean feat – and back in 2009, when I spent many hours in the gym and disciplined myself to a strict set of meals, I didn’t think there was an alternative.

But I was wrong, there is!

I have continued to tweak my eating since 2009 to align with the above criteria and along the way picked up some pure gold nutritional nuggets.

Feeling amazing should be a right rather than a pipe dream – so here I reveal some of the things that have helped me reach that goal.

Han and Clare 1

In early 2014 I met Hannah Patterson and was immediately impressed by her philosophy on food and life in general. She exudes a vitality that you just can’t buy in a bottle. Since then we have had numerous afternoons discussing and eating fantastic food. Hannah’s extensive knowledge and experience of healthy eating is infectious, and more than that, inspiring. I am so happy to be working with her in highlighting this vital part of life.

Hannah and Clare are currently working on a new TV show called Make It Healthy TV. Keep checking the site for more details!

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