Why Make It Healthy?

Why Make It Healthy?
Breakfast – banana on rye toast with blueberries and apple. Mmm!

When it comes to eating, many of us think that it is food which heals our bodies and prevents disease. Actually, this isn’t really true. The body is so powerful and intelligent that it designed to fight anything that prevents it being in harmony. So why bother eating healthy? How come we’re encouraged to flood our bodies with nutrients and stay away from refined, processed food? Surely if we are biologically designed to have optimum health anyway, what is the point in spending time and money on good food?

It’s a question of helping to aid your immune system. Refined, processed food may have a teeny bit of nutritional value but a whole lot of foreign stuff that your body doesn’t recognise and can’t use. Your body gets to work to rid itself of this – using its immune system. Whilst your immune system is busy dealing with that, other diseases, bacteria etc have more of a chance of manifesting as your army is preoccupied.

On the flip side – fruit, veg or anything plant based that you are biologically meant to eat, naturally start to digest themselves in your belly, using their own enzymes. This means your body can carry on dealing with other issues promptly. At the same time, the food releases (amongst other good things) vital vitamins – which help to strengthen (as opposed to weaken) your immunity, minerals – which help to keep cells in perfect working order and proteins to help build and repair tissue.

This is a very basic explanation of the way food works. I am all for having a balance and I’m not a complete raw food goddess! I still have the odd bag of crisps and a sarnie from Waitrose – and enjoy it. However, by understanding how the principle of nutrition works, I know when enough is enough. I love the philosophy of my “Make It Healthy” recipes as it serves two purposes…the first is to provide something delicious for me to feast on (whether a sweet snack or full dinner) and the second is to give me a happy smiley face, knowing that I am working in harmony with my body.

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