Gingerbread Balls

“They taste like Christmas!” – a comment from one of the ladies at my raw food demo this morning.

Gotta admit – these are a personal favourite of mine. Chewy, spicy and sweet. Who doesn’t love gingerbread? It’s a familiar taste and leaves you with a warm sense of satisfaction in your belly. Ginger is fab for digestion and a great immunity booster. I love the stuff.

To make approx 14 balls;

Gingerbread balls2 cups of organic dates (normal dried ones not medjool)
1 cup of organic oats
Large thumb of fresh ginger finely chopped (1inch squared)
2 tsp cinnamon (please try and source organic cinnamon as it is truly sweet and has such a better flavour).
Sprinkle of grated nutmeg.

Blend the dates and oats together in a food processor until it forms a sticky paste (this takes a while so be patient – add more dates or water if it isn’t binding).

Once blended nicely, add the ginger and spices. Blitz again for 30 seconds.

Roll into balls, bars or lil’ gingerbread men!

Coat in shelled hemp seeds or shredded coconut…or anything you fancy!

Place in fridge to set for 30 minutes. Store in fridge too. They’ll keep for weeks but they’ll probably be eaten in a matter of days!

NB: Remember – a ‘cup’ measurement can just be a normal tea cup/mug – as long as the ratio stays the same throughout.

Enjoy and stay healthy 🙂

PS: I hosted a raw food demo this morning after a fab yoga class in Congleton with Charles Baxter. It was pretty surreal, coming out of a deep meditation and having to jump into the kitchen to show the class my balls! Ha. These gingerbread balls got everybody talking though – and it encouraged people to make their own. I urge you to try making them – there are no rules to these recipes – and you’ll have a fantastic experience. Guaranteed.


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