Simple Rice Milk

Rice Milk

Making my own milk has been on the agenda for yonks. However, I presumed it’d take a bit more care and focus than I’m used to so I kept putting it off.

Not the case.

This vegan delight is basically cooked rice and water. I wanted to recreate Rice Dream as it’s my favourite milk from a carton (very sweet though and pretty synthetic tasting). Therefore I added a lil’ sweetness to my recipe.

Rice1 cup cooked rice (organic!! I used basmati but you can also go for brown)
4 cups filtered water
Pinch Himalayan salt/sea salt
2 organic dates

Blend it all up. Vitamix makes it in a minute. Blitz for longer in a normal blender. It should look exactly like semi skimmed milk. Tastes like rice pudding. Eliminate the dates if you want more of a natural flavour.

Flipping lovely 😉

And for a fragranced twist, add cardamom pods, clove and a star anise to the rice whilst it’s cooking. Remove before blending.

PortionI made a big batch of rice, portioned it up and stuck it in the freezer so I can make a small amount of milk at a time. Use your milk within 48 hours.

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