Creamy Almond Milk (super easy and super tasty)

Millet Rice and Almond MilkWohaa! This is fantastic. Another recipe I’d been putting off for a while as I thought it’d be fiddly.

It’s super easy and tastes so good you’ll be smiling from ear to ear. Proud as punch. Bouncing like Tigger. OK. Time to get serious. Ahem.

1 cup soaked and drained almonds (soak overnight – 12 hours is a good time).

3 cups of filtered water (fridge cold if poss).

…and that’s it!

IMG_3074 IMG_3075


Blend the ingredients together. If using a bog standard smoothie maker, blitz for a good couple of minutes.




Strain through a sieve (even better a nut milk bag if you can source one). You’ll have to push the milk through as the pulp gets in the way a bit but it’s not a chore.


PLEASE try it. Mix it up with your favourite cereal.

Almond Milk and cereal


I had mine this morning with some Millet Rice, oats, seeds, carob powder, chopped up date and (one of my favourite things at the mo) bee pollen! Victoria Beckham eats this by the spoonful. If it’s good enough for her…then it’s good enough for us.

Love you x



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