Uplifting Smoothie

SmoothieGrab a standard blender, some shelled hemp seeds and a frozen banana. Then prepare yourself for a transformational moment.

Frozen banana? Yes! Peel a ripe one and bung it in the freezer for 6 hours or overnight. I have a stack of them in the freezer so I’m always prepared.

I’d really like you to try this as it’s so beautiful, creamy and full of good stuff.

200ml fresh cold water
4 heaped teaspoons of shelled (hulled) hemp seeds
1 large ripe frozen banana

Blend the hemp seeds with water until it forms a milk. That’s basically hemp milk!

Add the banana and blitz again until a smoothie consistency. Add more banana, dates or a teaspoon of honey if you want more sweetness but I think the above recipe is perfect as it is.

Serve in a lovely glass with a sprinkling if seeds and anything else you fancy. I went for carob powder and fresh raspberries which were part of my Mumma’s organic fruit/veg box from Riverford Organics.

Fresh as a daisy. Dairy free. Protein packed. I guarantee you’ll want more of this smoothie.

Enjoy x


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