Raw Chocolate Brazil Nuts

A festive fancy for you!

Raw Chocolate Brazil NutsThis recipe is accompanied by a special Make It Healthy TV episode which shows you exactly what to do. Please watch, enjoy and subscribe!

Here we go…to make 24 Raw Chocolate Brazil Nuts you’ll need.

12 Medjool dates

24 Brazil nuts

25 g raw cacao butter

25 g raw cacao powder

With each date, slice in half length ways. Remove stone. Wrap a brazil nut around each half of date. Squidge it round so it completely encases the nut. Do this with each date (so you end up with 24 nuts wrapped in dates).

Leave to one side.

Very gently melt the raw cacao butter in a bain marie (you can make one by placing a glass bowl on top of a pan of boiling water and placing the butter in the bowl). The cacao butter will melt into a yellow oil.

Then add raw cacao powder and mix into a chocolate sauce.

Take each ‘nutty date’ and place it into the chocolate mixture. Roll it until completely covered and, using a fork, take it out of the sauce. Place it on to a foiled tray. Repeat with all dates. Put the tray into the fridge to set.

Ta dar! You get yummy Chocolate Brazil Nuts which have an uber healthy edge without compromising the Christmas spirit of indulgence.

Raw Chocolate Manchester

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