2014 MIH Roundup!

2014 has been a year full of change. I moved my whole life to Manchester. Considering my usual ‘you can do anything’ attitude, it was far more challenging than I thought. I am still working on settling down in my new city, surrounded by a new environment and community but I am determined to make it work. There is something very special about where I now live – it taps into my softer, more vulnerable side. This can be fairly scary at times but then other times it is very exciting as I am learning about myself on a deeper level. I also feel I am my most authentic self. There is no pressure for me to live a certain way and be the person I think I ‘should be’. I’m just me, taking each day as it comes. Oh, and there is so much to get involved with which is fabulous.

Anyway, the reason for this post isn’t about my living arrangements – it’s about what 2014 brought to the table for Make It Healthy. A new situation enabled me to host new workshops and my first yoga retreat!

In the summer, I did my first public raw food demo at health food shop, Bare Health in Congleton. This was a fantastic evening. I prepared my favourite dish – Courgetti Spaghetti and showed my attendees how to make a raw breakfast muesli and energy balls. It was fantastic to be able to share my recipes and learnings with them all.

In November, myself and one of my best friends (and brilliant yoga teachers) Rachel, took 17 people to Morocco for a week of yoga and relaxation. We hired the beautiful Villa Mandala in Banana Beach, Agadir. We taught 2 classes a day, I also showed them how to make raw chocolate and the rest of the time was spent relaxing, talking, shopping and surfing. A blissful week for everyone and a lovely opportunity for me.

I’ve also hosted two full day raw food workshops in Leicester this year. My last one being just a few weeks ago. This included a day of teaching the raw food principles, making juices, smoothies, raw breakfast recipes and savoury raw food dishes. The feedback was fantastic. It is really hard work organising a day like this for a large group but highly worth it. I had so much energy after they left!

2014 also saw the return of my raw chocolate workshop. I’ve been running these for the past 2 years however, due to my move, I had to put it to one side for a while. It was with the help of Healthy Spirit – a health food shop and cafe in Didsbury – that I was able to host it again. It was wonderful. I love the way the workshop excites people into making their own chocolate (which has an uber healthy spin). Cacao is a brilliant food for the body when consumed in the right way. Fact.

…and let’s not forget the creations on Make It Healthy TV!

Over Christmas, I’ll be taking some time to plan for 2015. I have thoughts about what I’d like to share with people next. After all, life is for sharing. Wishing you health and happiness in the year to come x

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