Ginger sHOT

Ginger shot JuiceThis will perk you up quicker than an espresso – and give you some serious nutrition. Ginger is well known for its digestive aid and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also recommended for helping to strengthen your immune system.

In normal juices, I usually add about an inch thick piece of fresh root ginger – but for this lil’ flamer, you’ll need 4 times the size.

Brace yourself as it will blow your mind! Literally. However, the high you get feels so good and it’ll warm you up in no time. I’m going to be doing a daily ginger shot over the next few weeks. It’s a winner in my eyes.

HINT: If you’re a busy bee – make a batch and freeze them in little containers. As long as fresh juice is kept away from oxygen and daylight, the nutrients stay locked in. I learnt that tip from Jason Vale – who literally is the Juice Master!

Per shot, you’ll need;

4 inch thick chunk of fresh root ginger

1/2 an apple

Juice together and pour into a sherry or shot glass. If you’re brave – neck it. If you’re a bit less brave (like me) do it in two swigs.

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