Raw Chocolate Workshop in Manchester!

Last night was another dreamy moment of sharing the plant based love. I hosted a raw chocolate workshop at Love Juice in Chorlton. Love Juice is a cafe and health food haven. They serve superfood smoothies, juices, raw food and incredible healthy treats. It was the perfect environment for me to show others how to make their own raw chocolate delights. If you’re interested in my raw chocolate workshop, get in touch.

So why is raw chocolate so good?

The low down!

Raw chocolate is made from cacao beans and natural sugars (I use coconut sugar). It is full of nutrition which is great because we really benefit from nutrient rich food. In raw chocolate, there are no nasties – it’s a highly nutritious treat helping you replace the foods you crave with natural alternatives.

Cacao helps to relax you due to its magnesium content and naturally stimulates your body with its other nutrients. It has more antioxidants than berries, pound for pound.

It’ll help you to experience stress free eating – giving you a lift without the guilt. We shouldn’t feel guilty anyway but let’s face it, most of us do. Ever considered that it may be a side effect of eating junk? Go natural and you’ll feel a whole lot different.

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