Dairy Free Nice Cream!

Banana and Strawberry (N)ice Cream

IMG_4850These recipes are super duper easy and totally hit the hot spot. I moved house on Sunday and (after a tough day of shifting boxes) decided I needed an ice cold beverage to centre myself with. As I only had a few ingredients to hand, this is something I knocked up…

1 frozen banana (peel before you freeze it)

Small handful of frozen strawberries

2 teaspoons of cacao nibs

200 ml Oatly milk, coconut water or 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds with 200 ml water. 

Blitz together in a high powered blender until an ice cream consistency.

Serve in a glass topped with chopped banana, strawberries and an extra sprinkle of cacao nibs and an (optional) drizzle of maple syrup/agave nectar/raw honey.

Healthy Strawberry Ice Lollies

strawberry ice lolly

This is a delectable ice lolly! It also doubles up as a thick yogurt alternative for fruit salad if you don’t freeze it. I was at my beautiful friends house on the hottest day of the year and she gave her baby one of these. He lapped it up!

1 tin of good quality coconut milk

1 punnet of fresh strawberries

1 banana

2 teaspoons of agave nectar/raw honey or 3 dates.

Blend all of the above together. Pour into ice lolly moulds (you’ll find them in Ikea/supermarkets) and allow to set for at least an hour in the freezer. Store until ready to serve.

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