Cacao Elixir

Cacao elixirDid you see the blue moon last night? It was a beautiful sight. My fabulous friend (and super talented vegan chef) suggested we hold a cacao ceremony to celebrate the occasion. Cacao is a heart opener and something to be cherished. It was the perfect accompaniment to gazing at the moon at 11pm in the park, whilst setting some good intentions for the month ahead. The elixir is made from raw cacao paste/liquor – which isn’t alcoholic! It’s just the ground up raw beans that would normally be separated into raw chocolate powder and raw cocoa butter. See the pic above – we chopped ours up.

If you wish to make your own cacao elixir you will need (per person)

25g raw cacao paste/liquor 

25g coconut sugar or a natural sweetener of your choice

1/2 cup of hot (boiled) water

Raw chocolateAdd all of the ingredients to a pan and continue to simmer until the cacao paste has melted. Add a few drops of orange oil and a sprinkling of cinnamon for a different flavour like we did! Pour into small glass cups and sip.

If you wish to make more of a hot chocolate, add hemp, oat or rice milk to the pan and serve in mugs.

My words of advice are to drink the elixir in a peaceful setting. Cacao is a stimulant – it increases blood circulation and can make your heart flutter – some say it makes you feel more open hearted. This is a normal reaction and one that can be very enjoyable.

PS: Did you see The Raw Chocolate Company on BBC 1’s Dragons Den? It was fantastic to see that raw chocolate is finally getting the exposure that it deserves.


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