Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

Ever fancied a total career change? Tired of being torn between two lives – the one you’re living and the one you’re curious to try? That has been me for YEARS! Finally, this month I’ve taken the plunge and jumped into a new chapter. For the next year, I’ll be a full time student at Manchester Metropolitan University studying an MSc in Nutrition and Health. This week has been full on with inductions and freshers fairs. The most interesting thing by far has been my fellow peers. We are all as crazy about nutrition as each other. However, there are a variety of different opinions emerging already.

For the past 4 years, I’ve been massively drawn to the ‘plant based diet’ – including raw food, veganism and plant medicines. I find it a fascinating subject – mainly as I’m a real foodie and love the idea of creating delicious food out of fruit, veg, nuts and seeds. I just assumed this was the healthiest way to eat and I have to say, there are things I discovered that will stay with me forever. There is no doubt in my mind that green juice (purely from things like cucumber, celery, leafy greens and citrus fruits) gives me a huge surge of nutrients straight into my blood stream. It’ll be a morning ritual of mine for a very long time and I’ll aways encourage others to take up the habit. However, there are other parts of the raw food eating plan that I don’t think I can condone. Cutting out food groups is one of them.

I feel that fish has a huge part to play in positive cognitive behaviour – including our mental health. In fact, the ocean is abundant in nutrients – including seaweed – but fish is one of our greatest sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. If I’m completely honest, I feel that my body suffered from a strict raw food diet in terms of my mental and emotional health. Perhaps it had more to do with the stress I put on myself to eat in such a disciplined way but I know that my body responds well to protein sources such as fish.

My outlook on eating is now far more balanced. I wish to continue making raw food dishes, blogging about them and hosting workshops as it is such a fabulous way to inspire people to eat more consciously. I’m not a fan at all of processed food or refined white sugar so raw vegan food recipes are perfect for offering healthy sweet treats and meals that won’t leave you feeling sluggish, heavy or bloated. My message will be much more inline with my own diet now. Eat plant based food in abundance along with your own eating regime. Add more of these foods. Forget taking anything out of your diet for the time being – this only leads us to feeling deprived and wanting to hold on to our favourite comfort food. It’s time we started embracing food – the good and the bad. After all, the good will always win in the end. The human body responds so well to nutritious food, it’ll balance itself out in no time. Stress less and get more productive in the kitchen. These two things will certainly bring about change.

Anyway, enough writing for now. I’ve been desperate to put fingers to keyboard all day – hence why this post is so text heavy.

It’s my birthday this weekend so I’m planning on making a healthy cake! That’ll be my next post. Promise.

PS: My views are purely from a nutritional perspective. I totally understand those who have ethical reasons for not eating certain foods. I respect everyone’s decision to eat exactly the way they choose. A few of my closest friends are either raw foodies or vegan and I love them dearly for their choices. My purpose during this year of study is to uncover the facts in terms of nutrition. We will also be looking into sustainability – I’m sure I’ll be touching upon this as and when it arises.

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