Food Matters

Every year at The Excel in London, there is a free conference where you will learn heaps about nutrition, food innovation and sustainability. Whether you’re after evidence based findings or the latest inventions in food, make sure you go!

Cool facts I learned over the last 2 days;

1. Raw chocolate is higher in fibre, protein, flavonoids and polyphenols than normal chocolate (raw choc uses unroasted cocoa beans). It is also considerably lower in fat (including saturates).

2. Genes determine the length of our life in terms of what we will likely die of (putting aside accidental death). This is linked to things like how our body responds to food meaning some of us will develop heart disease through eating fat and others won’t.

Life is also influenced by the environment in the mothers womb. For example, if she is overweight, it may influence the offsprings metabolism throughout life making them more likely to be predisposed to weight related disorders. If you are having baby, be mindful of the 3 M’s – mind, movement and mouth (food) as research suggests these could influence your baby’s character and disposition. Check out epigenetics of RNA or google ‘micro RNA’. It’s fascinating.

3. Weight loss strategies (according to food physiologist studies)…putting a mirror in your kitchen and eating from a smaller plate. These apparently are effective for losing weight.

4. Insect protein IS available and being produced for consumption. Meal worms and crickets are farmed  , dried and ground into powders to use as flour for cakes & breads as well as a substitute for meat products. Sustainable and nutritious, they will be a thing of the not so distant future.

4. Out with Coconut Water and in with Birch Water. It’s carefully extracted from the trunk of birch trees without having to chop it down. I think it has a feint coconut water taste. Whether the birch tree suffers from dehydration when the water is removed is hard to tell yet but it can be produced in Europe which makes it far more eco friendly than coconut drinks from far away lands.

5. It’s well worth taking an omega 3 supplement (high in EPA and DHA). It’s proven to help reduce risk of heart disease and depression. Probably a no brainer for some but today’s lecture convinced me. A good vitamin D3 tablet is also recommended for us Brits (4000 IU).

6. Peter Andre is small and cute! Randomly this crooner cropped up on the Iceland stall. When I asked if he actually shops at Iceland he defiantly stated “yes”.

So there you have it, just a snap shot of a very, very interesting conference and one worthy of a visit if you’re looking for ground breaking science based nutrition info, a belly full of free samples and a little bit of Australian cheese (love you really Peter).


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