How much water should you drink?

Do you make a conscious effort to drink water and replenish your stocks? Are you a 8 glass a day drinker or a 3 litre guzzler? Actually there is no evidence that you need this amount.

What is the best way to know how much to drink? Thirst is the body’s natural mechanism. If you’re thirsty, have a drink. So next time you panic over not having that plastic bottle to hand, take a breath and ask yourself if you actually feel like you need it.

If you’re eating salty foods or recovering from a hangover, rehydrating is a no brainer. However, evidence shows that over drinking water can actually be dangerous –  this video explains it perfectly.

In most situations, drinking more than our body needs won’t do us any harm but becoming over hydrated (hypotonic) has been the cause of around 30 deaths in marathons. It’s interesting that none have been reported for dehydration.

Hypotonic means the balance of water inside and outside the cell (isotonic state) has been upset and there is more water inside than outside. This dilutes sodium levels and can cause cells to burst (literally pop). Hence why it can be deadly. This is only in extreme cases though.

In summary, before taking advice, check the evidence and check in with yourself.

Now for a change of subject. Fancy a bit of the green stuff? Here’s a quick and easy pick me up…


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