Quick and tasty buckwheat porridge

img_3255Buckwheat isn’t anything to do with with wheat at all. It’s a grain which is safe for coeliacs or anyone wanting to avoid wheat for personal reasons. For all grains (and other foods) which are truly wheat and gluten free – have a look at this checklist from Coeliac UK.

Why is buckwheat good for me?

This powerful bowl of buckwheat porridge is a beautiful alternative to oats. Buckwheat contains high levels of protein, polyphenols and minerals, along with soluble fibre which can help with blood pressure reduction and weight management. Fibre helps to regulate insulin levels – very important in the prevention and treatment of diabetes type 2 and Alzheimer’s disease.

Right. Back to the easy recipe.

What ingredients do I need?

1 cup of buckwheat groats (sold pretty much everywhere – even superstores)

1 cup of water

2 cups of  oat milk, nut milk, hemp milk or dairy

1 banana

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon/cinammon stick

Date syrup, maple syrup or chopped dates.

(Optional) Almond butter

What you I need to do?

Add the buckwheat groats to the pan with 1 cup of water, half a banana (sliced), cinnamon and a little date syrup or couple of chopped dates and bring to the boil.

Slowly add the milk and continue to stir, simmering for about 20 minutes until the buckwheat looks like porridge.

Transfer to bowls, topping with the rest of the banana, extra dates/syrup and a heaped teaspoon of almond butter.

What does buckwheat look like?

Buckwheat after soaking. If you want them to sprout, drain the water and place in a bowl or sieve with a plate on top. Keep in the dark at room temperature.
Buckwheat before soaking. Find buckwheat in superstores, health food shops and online. It can also be ground into flour for breads and cakes.

These are buckwheat groats before and after soaking.

Sprouted buckwheat can be made by soaking the groats for 4 hours, draining the water and washing away any gloopy gel. Then leaving them in a sieve with a lid on for a day until spouts appear. Soaking grains helps to increase nutrient ‘bioavailability’ (basically meaning nutrients are better absorbed by the the body. 

What milk should I choose?


I’m not a big fan of dairy so I use oat milk because I love the creamy taste. I opt for fortified milk, which has vitamin D and B12. Any unsweetened milk will do though!

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