Healthy tea break bargains

Here is a cheaper way to enjoy a healthy treat.


Raw fruit and nut bars from Lidl and Aldi. Made purely from cashew nuts and dates. A box of 5 cost around £1.70. Considering ‘raw food’ bars can be quite pricey, these are an absolute steal. They taste delicious – creamy and sweet. Aldi also do fabulous Hike Bars, which are made with soya protein and Paleo Bars for those avoiding grains.


Supermarkets own brand Redbush (Rooibus) tea. I drink this instead of a regular brew with milk as it’s caffeine free and very comforting. Tick Tock and Tesco’s own brand taste virtually the same but there is a price difference of around £1 per box.

Feeling creative? Make your own raw food treats. Try my cacao mint or gingerbread balls.

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