Quick and tasty buckwheat porridge

Buckwheat is a gluten free and wheat free grain, packed full of protein and minerals. If you always make porridge with oats, try buckwheat as a change from the norm - a hearty and tasty breakfast awaits.

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Real Food + Real Yoga = Real Success

This was a first for Make It Healthy. A workshop which combined yoga with raw food. It was a collaboration with The Yoga Life Project in Manchester. We combined a yoga class with a lecture about the science of food from a yoga perspective, and some easy, tasty raw food recipes. The workshop was called Real Food... Continue Reading →

Oh My Kimchi

From reducing inflammation to helping banish depression, fermented foods can be SO good for you...and super easy to make yourself. Try this once and you won't look back.

Grab a standard blender, some shelled hemp seeds and a frozen banana. Then prepare yourself for a transformational moment. Frozen banana? Yes! Peel a ripe one and bung it in the freezer for 6 hours or overnight. I have a stack of them in the freezer so I'm always prepared. I'd really like you to... Continue Reading →

Raw Courgetti Carbonara

A beautiful, creamy dish which tastes just like spaghetti carbonara. Get ready to be amazed over the power of raw food. It's so tasty and won't leave you bloated. Ever.

This is something I knocked up in 5 minutes. I think the key to a tasty salad is a good mix of finely chopped veggies. Sweetcorn - which is chopped from the cob and sprinkled over the top - is also such a treat. Don't cook it. Eat it raw. It's superb and deliciously sweet.... Continue Reading →

Click here for the PDF Last year, I discovered the powerful health benefits of juicing and drinking green veggies. I wanted to share it with others and set about creating a two week health plan, which helped to cleanse/detox your body without it being a major pain in the arse for your lifestyle. I developed... Continue Reading →

Apple cider vinegar and sauerkraut. They sound like the kind of things you'd get in the bottom of a Christmas hamper you won at charity raffle. And a seriously unimpressive Christmas hamper at that. Actually, these two condiments are transformational. So listen up. Both are 'fermented foods'. They are full of friendly bacteria for your... Continue Reading →

Good Morning Green Juice

The Two Week Transformation is in its second week. The people who are testing it out seemed to have benefitted from week one and adding more water to their day. Generally people are less hungry and ironically more thirsty! Week two is all about adding a green juice in the morning. Just a little comment... Continue Reading →

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