Quick and tasty buckwheat porridge

Buckwheat is a gluten free and wheat free grain, packed full of protein and minerals. If you always make porridge with oats, try buckwheat as a change from the norm - a hearty and tasty breakfast awaits.

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Explore raw food for yourself!

What is raw food? Why is raw food good for you? What are the benefits of the plant based diet? How do I make raw food that tastes delicious? Come to the Make It Healthy Raw Food Workshop to discover for yourself! Find out more by watching this video.

Make It Healthy On Tour: Raw Food Workshops

There's nothing better than connecting with like minded people - sharing my worldly discoveries about the plant based diet along with simple tips and recipes which are transformational. Here are some pictures from the wonderful places I've been doing demonstrations and talks (and of course making raw food!). For more information about workshops click here.

Kiddies Raw Recipes

Children friendly recipes - Banana Ice Cream, Melon Head Smoothie and a Green Dream! Kids can be fussy little monkeys when it comes to food. I know this from having 3 younger brothers (all under the age of 7). I love them to pieces and want them to have the most nourishing food that will... Continue Reading →

Simple Detox Plan for only 2 weeks!

This is your free invite to join the wellness revolution. And the best bit is, you can be anywhere in the world! Click here for all you need to get started: Two Week Transformation The Two Week Transformation is a two week plan I have come up with from all the nutritional teachings I've had over the years.... Continue Reading →

Ever get the feeling like you don't fit in? That you're a bit 'different'....that you're searching for something and you're not too sure where to find it? Frustrated or overwhelmed? This is me today. I have waves of enjoying the feeling of uniqueness and then other times, I feel like I'm never going to feel... Continue Reading →

For the past 18 months, I've wanted to make raw lasagne and my patience paid off. I discovered the perfect recipe thanks to my wonderful raw living food teacher Marketa Bola. And I was able to put my very pricey Excalibur dehydrator to good use to intensify the flavour! Check out the video snippet below... Continue Reading →

Raw chocolate has become quite significant in my life. I've always been health conscious and during my 20's, even though I was never over weight, I tried and tested every diet going. And honestly, it was to keep me looking a certain shape (skinny). I think most girls can relate to this. Even though I... Continue Reading →

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