Quick and tasty buckwheat porridge

Buckwheat is a gluten free and wheat free grain, packed full of protein and minerals. If you always make porridge with oats, try buckwheat as a change from the norm - a hearty and tasty breakfast awaits.

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Oh My Kimchi

From reducing inflammation to helping banish depression, fermented foods can be SO good for you...and super easy to make yourself. Try this once and you won't look back.

Rainbow Spiralled ‘Spaghetti’

Get yourself a spiraliser! It is a phenomenal piece of kit and will transform a carrot, courgette and apple...To this.......In a matter of moments.Then you add a little dressing and chomp away. The beauty is, it's like you're eating a big bowl of tasty pasta and afterwards, you feel light and clean.Don't want to buy a spiraliser... Continue Reading →

Superfood Gazpacho

This recipe is a delight to make, delicious to eat and easy to watch! I think our video highlights how simple and quick this super hero of a recipe is.If you're looking for something fresh to whip up in moments which will leave you and your guests wanting second helpings then go for it.I filmed this... Continue Reading →

Make It Healthy On Tour: Raw Food Workshops

There's nothing better than connecting with like minded people - sharing my worldly discoveries about the plant based diet along with simple tips and recipes which are transformational. Here are some pictures from the wonderful places I've been doing demonstrations and talks (and of course making raw food!). For more information about workshops click here.

Bliss Bars

Yep, they look like something you'd feed to the birds! However these delightful chunks of super food come in really handy when you're on the go or just looking for a quick, sweet snack with your cuppa. They provide you with all your essential elements - protein, carbs and good fat. 1 cup mixed dates... Continue Reading →

My philosophy is all about making healthy delicious food which is simple and quick to create. This is a delight! I'm away from my normal kitchen this week - staying with my friend in Manchester. Therefore I have no high powered equipment. However, I found a little contraption in the cupboard by Dualit to whip... Continue Reading →

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