Quick and tasty buckwheat porridge

Buckwheat is a gluten free and wheat free grain, packed full of protein and minerals. If you always make porridge with oats, try buckwheat as a change from the norm - a hearty and tasty breakfast awaits.

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Sweet Beet Dip

Fancy a change from hummus? This little dipper will knock your socks off. It's healthy, tasty and made from scratch. Know what you're putting into your body and it'll thank you time and time again.

Super healthy stir fry sauce 

One bottle of this and you won't be without it again. Here is a fat free, deliciously versatile condiment which will make your sauce super savoury, rich and most of all, healthy!

Rainbow Spiralled ‘Spaghetti’

Get yourself a spiraliser! It is a phenomenal piece of kit and will transform a carrot, courgette and apple...To this.......In a matter of moments.Then you add a little dressing and chomp away. The beauty is, it's like you're eating a big bowl of tasty pasta and afterwards, you feel light and clean.Don't want to buy a spiraliser... Continue Reading →

Raw Chocolate on the Radio!

    Today I got a call from the BBC to ask about raw chocolate. What is it? Why is it raw? Where do you get it from? I was more than happy to put the record straight. This is my 8 minute moment. Enjoy!

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